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Flowatch kit 1

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Flowatch kit 1
  • Range: FLOWATCH

Product description

Flowatch measures the velocity of gas or liquid flows.

The kit includes:
-display unit
-telescopic probe
-propeller Ø20 mm
-propeller Ø 60 mm
-carrying case

This device is equipped with backlight
Free selection of the units (km/h, mph, m/s, fps and knots)

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10 cm probe for Flowatch

Small carbon rod to use the FLOWATCH as a handheld windmeter

CHF 70.22

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Air propeller Ø 12mm for Flowatch

Air impeller Ø 12mm FLOWATCH *

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Hanging sensor without cable

Metal plate for hanging velocity water sensor FLOWATCH *

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Carrying case for Flowatch

Carrying case of the Flowatch kit 1. It can contain more accessories than the carrying bag of the kit 2.

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Bag for Flowatch

Carrying bag for the Flowatch kit*

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Flowatch Display

Appareil d'affichage des mesures pour FLOWATCH

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Telescopic probe

Telescopic aluminium probe. Temperature sensor at the probe’s extremity. Probe’s Length: 1.2m (included in the kit)

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Air Propeller 20mm

Propeller for FLOWATCH in order to measure the airflow Ø 20mm

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